Vises #4: Mini High Vise - Tweaks

Well, I've used it for a couple of weeks, made some stuff, tested it, hit it with little hammers - the usual stuff.

I like it - it's rock solid and makes working on little things much easier.

I've only made a couple of mods.

Stuck on a wear plate because the spruce was too soft and was starting to dent with the handle.

Cut out a shoulder in the bottom of the chop so it registers against the bench when putting it in the face vice.
Makes it quicker to drop it in at the right height.

Right, now I'm going to have to make the bigger, nicer one.
Yes! Love design iterations as you get closer to the perfect tool.
Those are some nice improvements!
These tweaks are most appropriate for efficiency and longevity, nice work.
Nice tweaking, Mike.

May you have the day you deserve!

Note to self - should have cut the shoulder on the bench side instead of the vice side, would make it slightly easier to put in place and tighten the vise, no biggie at least.