Vises #6: Hi Vise - Body


This is part 6 in a 7 part series: Vises

I'm making the body out of an ash 2x4.
so cut to size and square up.

Drill and tap the main hole

And the guide screw hole

Make the guide nut

Gone for a shape that should be easy to spin.

And that's the main body, works fine as a clamp already.

Make the attachment arms

And make the cut outs in the body for them

Drill and tap for the fixing screws in the bottom arms

And make the screws, made a few extra while I had everything out.

And shape the arms to make them look nicer.
Just saw and rasp/file away the shape.

Starting to look like a vise.

I'll use planes for the body shaping.
So use a sacrificial block at the end.

And that's all the main bits

So I can glue the arms on now.

This is an interesting build. The pieces look really good.