Stanley Sweetheart series 750 chisels

I bought a set of 4, Stanley Sweetheart series 750 chisels. I wish I had bought the set of 8. Buying individual ones is fruitless. I'd like to get a 1/8, 3/8, and maybe even a 5/8. Finding them is a nightmare. 
These socket handled chisels feel awesome in my hand. They sharpen easy and have good edge retention. 
However,  drawbacks are they aren't finish grinded and polished as good as they could be and the widths are not exact. For example my 1/4" (0.250 ") is actually a wee bit larger at 0.265. That's 0.015" or 1/64" larger. 
In using them, they feel so nice and comfortable so I decided to keep them. 

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nice review rick.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Thank you Pottz.

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Good point in getting the larger set... you may seldom use the odd ones but if you have them, you'll find a use without having to compromise.  I've found a 3.175mm to be invaluable at times.

If only they came in non-manual versions... oh wait, they do...

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Thanks for the review. It’s odd that the widths are not accurate, seems like that would be easy to accomplish. At some point I will need to replace my Marples with a quality set. I’m wondering if the Lie Nielsen chisels are worth the cost.
I personally wouldn't spend the cost on LN or LV. The quality is good but can be upwards close to $90-100 each. Yikes!! If I was going to spend that kind of money I would consider Blue Spruce. These sweethearts at ~ $30-40 each are good. Just a little out of tolerance. 

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I have some cheap blue handle Marples, midling Narex, and a couple of the fancy LV pm-v11's
There is a difference in edge holding etc. plus the better ergonomics with the higher $ chisles, but I really don't equate a 10x higher price giving me 10x more satisfaction. 

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I had some of the Lie Neilson 750's type, and didn't like my handles coming off all the time so I sold them. I sold them off. New owner loves them, and puts up with the steeenkin hair spray smell it takes to keep the f-ing handles on.

I'm kinda like Splint, and have a hodge podge of older Stanley 750's, 720. 740, a bunch of Narex (they were a thing several years ago, and still pop up all the time, but weak metals = sharpening a lot. A bunch of older Yeller handled Stanley 40's and some older blue handled Marps. Hell I have a LOT of chisels, mostly in 3/8, and 1/2"

My pride and joy are some regular sizes for me the LV PMV's and my best surprise for the $$$$$$$ beside some XYZ Japanese, has been a set I got from WoodCraft for 70 bux on sale.

Besides the WC set, I have never bought a set, it's rare any more for me to have a need over 3/4", and most is either done with a 3/8" or 1/2" for DT's, and I have a LOT of those sizes. Cause when you are rolling along, who wants to stop to sharpen?

My 2 most eggspensive are a fishtail, and a toothpick I got from Dave Jeske (Blue Spruce toolworks), across a counter at a Woodworking in America, long ago in Berea Ky. He was custom making some off normal tools. I use both of them ALL the time to clean up chutz when I am DT-ing. Since, I see he has added them to his regularly sold tools. Both do what a lot of others try to do.

I quit buying chisels about 5 years ago, work got to be a lot less, and if I sharpen all of what I have it's the best part of a day, and I can use the sharp ones to get through a lot of DT's, and any more I only really use chisels when I DT, quit chopping mortises when I got the Domino. I mean, why bother doing a lot of "BLIND" work, when you have the answer right there? You only need to mortise so many hinges, and a lot of that now falls to a router, so a chisel to knock round corners into square. I think they ought to just make hinges round?

My last real M&T's were on a Huey desk I did for my Wife, still not assembled. Since getting the Domino I have made that desk 7 times, and in less than a 1/4 of the time it took to do with M&T's. maybe less time? 

Anyhow those really crappy, to me anyhow, LN 750's put me off of reproduction 750's so I was kinda scared to spend the $$$$$ they want for them. Now I am on a hiatus from buying every steenking chisel I come across. I think the LV's in the PMV, or some of Jeske's new Optima chisels would be my suggestion to a new buyer. It only looks expensive, then you find out to get some that actually hold an edge takes some $$$$$$ to obtain.

Chisels are worse than boats. There is not a perfect one to be found. The best you can do is get some you can get along with. :-)))