Pet Cremation Box

I received a commission for a cremation box, for the clients recently deceased dog. 
There are plenty of pics, videos etc but wondering if anyone here had 1) built one and
2) had any lessons learned to share

Although each to his own, having a box of remains on the mantle isn’t something I’d think of, so I was thinking maybe inset a clock face, which to me makes it useful. 

My wife on the other hand wasn’t keen on the idea…, when I mentioned that idea to her she  asked, what are you going to engrave on it, “tick tock, tick tock, times up.”

Thoughts ????
Touchy subject!

Personally I think "just a box". No add-ons that may fail some day (mechanical/electrical doo-dads). Just a box, plain or fancy, but still just something that'll last.
One extra that I think is nice would be engravings, name, picture, etc.
yeah ive done a few for pets and a few for people. the ones for pets were used for burial so nothing fancy. the ones for people i did a little fancier. ive got some posted as projects. not fun projects by any means dan.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Thanks guys. Nothing I’ve thought about making. 

Upon hearing their story, I felt compelled to take it on. Their story…An older couple (I don’t know) lost their golden doodle  and after collecting the remains they didn’t want to go home to their empty house, so they went to State street in Bristol to have their favorite sushi and several adult beverages.  After finishing, still not feeling to go home they strolled down the street and ended walking into the gallery. As they told me later, after looking at some of our work, they decided to call and ask me to make something, that wasn’t like the “surely Chinese junk” the crematory offered. 
       They have some left over oak they used when they built their house in 1982 and asked if I could use that. Seeing that we did laser engraving, they asked for, “a yet to be determined” engraving. 
        This fellow, a dentist in his twilight (his words) told me he had a lot of old friends with old dogs that he could surely send my way. I told him, “why don’t we get yours done”. 
         Pottz, I suppose an urn for a  pet is one thing ( and I do think more of my dog than I do of many people) but I can’t imagine the emotions doing one for a person I knew. 
I have done a few

Regards Rob

Started on the pet urn. Client had some oak that was used when their house was built. They brought it to me to use for the urn along with a dimensional sketch . Had a little time in the shop to get started on it today.

Looks what I'd call "stately" Dan. very serene. Nice work on those miters, a fine show piece what ever it's purpose. 👍
Thanks Splint. Size is based on the client wanting to put the tin can from the crematory inside. 

A few hours today…ready for engraving. 
Looks really nice.  I like the simple clean design.