Singer Base Desk #2: Shelf….


This is part 2 in a 3 part series: Singer Base Desk

Wintery day….first real snow. Pups enjoyed it.

Working on the shelf today. Found a chunk of mesquite that looked like it would work. Run through the planer, which required a quick up and down on the overhead door. Brrr.

After a bit of sanding, time to make the risers. Keeping with the live edge rustic look, found a piece of mesquite that would work. Just had to be resawn to get the two pieces.
A bit of planing and sanding and then cut the tenon on one end and layout and chisel out the 2
mortises and assemble the risers.

Slotted the tenons so I could install a wedge to make up for the imperfections of my chisel work. Glued up the shelf and risers. Fastened the shelf risers to the desk top with screws (Incase a height adjustment needs
to be made) and wiped on diluted shellac.

Plan is to make a mesquite valet to fit between the risers which will reduce the “leggy” look of the shelf. 

Fun day in the shop. 
i like it GR8 JOB 😍😎👍