Bosch get75-6n

well i was looking at and contemplating getting a festool rotex, started to look at reviews and came across one that pushed me to bosch, it was done by a guy that runs a commercial cabinet shop. he has and has used both sanders extensively. it his opinion was they were both equal in performance and said why spend twice the money. so i didn't and got the bosch. having just done some testing with it im real happy so far,the sander really removes wood fast on the turbo setting. it's variable speed if needed to do final sanding or polishing but intention for this sander is gonna be for fast sanding with grits in the 80-150 range. i plan on using abranet type discs which have worked very well with my fein collector. the dust collection tube on the side is easily removed with the push of a button if needed. side handle is also removable to either side. comes with a nice 12' cord. i have the rockler duct right flexi port connectors that plug right onto the dust tube. there is a removable shield that surrounds the sanding disc when your tight againts something. so far i love it and am glad i saved the extra 250 bucks, although i didn't get a fancy systainer, but i have no need for another storage box i would through away anyway. this was moved here from lumber jocks. since posting this on lj's im still very happy with it, actually just used it on a table top made from ipe. 

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Thanks for the info, I happen to be looking for a sander at the moment. I'll check this one out.

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not new this was posted about a couple years ago. john i looked at both this and the festool and from the reviews i looked at it was easy to save a couple hundred with the bosch. on turbo this thing is a meat grinder.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

I’ve got the same sander. Does a great job. Solid dust collection and well balanced. I’d say the ‘aggressive’ setting is almost too much to handle for stock removal. Overall, it’s my favorite sander for larger projects hands down. 

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I had talked with Pottzy and he recommended this sander.  I went to a tool sale where there where reps, and they were not busy, so talked with the bosch rep, he gave me tons of stuff....a t shirt, hats, driver bits, and drill bits.  The sander has not disappointed.  I have not used abranet tho, but did buy a tanos systainer for it and then got a 3d printed adapter to hook my dust extractor to it.  All in all, a great sander at half the price, which I applied to the dust extractor, so really a  bonus.
Great review Larry! and...great advice!