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Comstock Park, MI ( North Of Grand Rapids )
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Been woodworking since 7th grade. After I come back to Michigan after 4 years in Navy
I started Buying woodworking equipment to go into business so that I would have something
to occupy my time after I retirement, and I accomplished that goal and without any payments
on the equipment after retirement, Now it's giving back to me more than I expected
and the joy to put smiles on customers faces when they see the family heirloom useable
again and like new again. Besides being able to Build my own furniture out of solid wood
and not from chipboard JUNK they sell to the public that I get to repair.

Done woodworking since 7th grade and now since I retired 2 years ago I can really spend the time that I enjoy building and repairing furniture.  Over the years I worked in the furniture industry I collected as much free wood as I could and so now I don't need to go out and buy it, It puts lots of smiles on my face to see a person that thought their favorite piece of furniture that is a family heirloom could be repaired or restored.

Douglas E Scott

All the years that I was working the experience with woodworking at home helped with getting jobs.
Now I have been approached by an organization to teach woodworking . 

Douglas E Scott

doug glad to have you with us. welcome to the forum which is a great place for any serious woodworker. i love youve jumped right in, so many join and never even make one post !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

When I was younger and not as busy in the shop I would answer guys questions on LJ blogs, but I semi-retired and keep busy repairing furniture and put smile on customers when I fix their heirlooms. 

Douglas E Scott