I need real help finding


Hey my fellow woodworkers. I need to find the best source for African Hardwoods. I need this lumber to be no less than 8/4 preferd 12/4 thick. I need boards 6 to 12" wide. At least 8 foot long.

Right now I need to get paduk, blackwood, ebany but as the a new client comes in the wood may change. I need from you fellow woodworkers is your best source that has a great track record. Thanks. Jeff

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Expensive stuff you are looking for…

The local lumber yard has some of the stuff. Their website does not really have what they have in store: http://www.macbeath.com/

Another online source:
online: http://www.woodworkerssource.com/

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This might help Jeff


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That is some selection. There were a few with contrasting grains that were just incredible. I never saw some of those before. I want to make a dining table with one of those. Jeez, I’d be afraid of messing up. I’d have to build a full size mockup before daring to touch that stuff. I wonder how badly that would damage my bank account.

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all that wood is high price it could cost thousands


Ouch, unless they up front the material costs I wouldn’t touch it. Or give them two options in different materials one of which they’ll like that is close in looks to the higher priced woods you or they are thinking of.

I wish I could help. When I buy exotics, its usually from Woodcraft. I know I spend more in the long run, but I don’t have to buy a minimum qty, so my cost at the time of sale is something I can stomach. I’ve heard great things about Bell Forrest though. www.bellforrestproducts.com. My father in laws cousin scrounges estate sales and auctions, and finds some amazing deals on lumber that way. But he’s retired, and has the time to find that needle in a haystack. I can’t wait to see what you might be making with this beefy exotic lumber. You have me intrigued! I don’t suppose you could build it with domestic lumber or plywood, and then veneer it with the exotic stuff?

Well here is the deal my sisters boyfriend is a international exporter. He has many clients that are extremely whelthy. So when he was over over the weekend he saw that I had some yellow heart, paduk, and purple heart. He told me that he could get me some wealthy clients that will only want African wood products. Well I told him I would look around to get prices. Well hell I get a call monday from him. He had made some calls and ended up getting 3 clients to from Sadi Arabia and one from Mongolia. They are looking for African black wood, African Paduk and Ebony. They want it and cash is no object. So I have three new clients haven’t even started to look and now im committed to providing. Here is a chance that never comes around but I actually had to chew my sisters boyfriend out a bit. Because I told him I was swamped at the moment. Now I can’t loose this or make him look bad. So today im trying to find large enough pieces to produce what ever they need. All I know is that they are requesting a minimum of 8/4 to maximum 12/4 wood thickness 6 to 12" wide boards up to 8 feet long.
Brian I saw at an online place a piece of ebony 1×1×12 was 50 buck.
im understanding that im not going to be using any of my money here. So im feeling some pressure

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So did you try the exoticwoods2000 yet?

Steve Tow

Wow that’s great,clients with tons of money,a dream come true. Given the cost of material I hope you get some good size deposits.

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that’s good but you have to watch some customs want let it through depend where it comes from good luck hope you get it jim


I know where I can get a very large chunk of african mahogany- if interested.

Pm me mike 1950 about it

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"