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Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I’ve been doing some restoration myself. Wife bought a credenza that was once a beautiful piece of furniture. Solid mahogany with maple burl door and drawer fronts that was very badly water damaged and the case was literally falling apart. Didn’t pay much (up front). LOL.. I could have built a new one in the time it took to restore this thing. Completely disassembled the case, cleaned the joints and reglued it with a new plywood back. Will post a few pictures when I’m done. Just some painting left to do.

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Good to see you back at it kiddo.

Brian, very cool. Yes restoring can be a challenge and time consuming and give you the feeling of could have made one from scratch faster but then what toss an older quality piece of craftsmanship out. Then it would be lost forever. Sometimes its worth the time to restore. The table im doing is in no way a qualifying piece. The table is a today mass produced mdf with a trim piece of wood and a veneer on top.
The main thing i needed to do is fix the broken supports. Touch up scratches and nicks. If any joints are loose reglue or tighten up. Then wax it up an buff out. Done. Just thought I’d share it on YouTube. What i really wish is if i could find a true soild table that needed repair.

Jim Webster thanks buddy

Kelly Thank you. Its been a journey with that knee surgery. I finally start Physical therapy February 9th. About time. Lol it feels good to be back in the shop.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"