I’m interested in building the equestrian tack box for my wife. Would you be able to give or sell me the plans?

Sorry about not getting back to you …. Some health issues (better now). As for the plans…well, I haven’t created a PDF of them yet. To honest, I haven’t even put them in a standard form yet.

If you’re still interested obtaining a set of plans I’d be happy to chat about it at your earliest convenience.

Again, sorry about the the delay in responding.



Hello, I am the co-founder of a nonprofit organization, Our Father’s Family Keeper Ministries. We have a number of family supports, one of which includes helping children from single family struggling homes to participate in 4-H, which includes using others horses, to train and prepare to show in our Cass County Fair the 1st week of August, 2020. I need to build/buy 3 tack storage lockers. I live in the lower SW area of Michigan. If you could direct me to the site where I can purchase a set of plans for a tack box will be greatly appreciated, or if you know of anyone within 75-100 miles from Vandalia, MI I would be willing to discuss payment to have 3 tack cabinets built for these children we help.