I enjoy designing and creating unique, one of a kind contemporary furniture pieces. My furniture and wood art are featured in books and magazines and have won awards both in furniture and art shows. The unique, studio furniture which I design and create can be seen at http://www.pirollodesign.com. I also develop online woodworking courses and write woodworking books at http://www.woodskills.com. I regularly post project images + videos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/woodskillsmag/

I regularly add content to my YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/WoodskillsCourses

A selection of books and magazines where my furniture, work methods and philosophy have been featured in:

Quiet Woodworking: In An Unquiet World
Start Woodworking (New Art Press)
Hand Tool Woodworking (New Art Press)
HackSpace Magazine: Feature article Make With Wood
Woodworking: From Design To Making
Woodworking With Hand Tools (Taunton Press)
Can. Woodworking magazine Jan. 2015
NICHE Magazine Winter 2013
Fine Woodworking magazine
Woodwork magazine
Wood Art Today 2 (Schiffer Books)
500 Cabinets (Lark Books)
Studio Furniture: Today's Leading Woodworkers (Schiffer)
Fine Woodworking Shopmade Jigs 2009

Norm, made this a few years ago. Probably the most used appliance in the shop.

Watch and learn, practice and learn, create and learn