Wanted Tips for Tire installation on my bandsaw.

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I've been a woodworker for close to 40 years although I'm not perfect in any aspect of woodworking I have to say I'm terrible at the maintenance of my machinery, I'm fairly good at keeping my metal surfaces clean and waxed but usually only check into the interworkings of some of my tools and probably the one tool I only clear the sawdust out of and let be is my bandsaw, (again until I have problems with it) like now. I've had trouble with the belt tracking and have done all the adjusting of guides etc. Like 
good old Alex Snodgrass sugjest. I've come to the conclusion that the rubber tires I replaced a year or so ago with urethane tires are the problem. After some research, I really did a stupid thing and put tires on that were not crowned assuming my wheels were crowned.
All said and done I've ordered the correct tires and will be replacing my old ones sometime in the near future.. Yes I have replaced the tires before so I checked out all of the Youtube vids on the replacement method and as I recall it was a bit of a challenge then, but the new belts being twice as thick as the standard 1/8" urethane tires will be even more Challenging,, so I thought if any of you have any tricks to make it easier? The seller of the tires said to soak them in warm water but I hoped that some of you have even better tips.BTW my bandsaw is a Laguna 16hd made in Italy  
Sorry for the long explanation 
Thanks for your help

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Check out Sulpher Grove Tool for tips on making your own crown. I did this with my old Perfoemax 141 rebuild and it works great.
(On the "other site", mentioning that link would get me banned. I'd have to say "Check out some websites..." )

For installing, I was able to stretch them over the wheels, but you can use a pair of dowls to "roll" them on.
I haven't had to do one yet... however, this one seems a reasonable method,

if you can understand Aussie... (which many members complain about).

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Warm soapy water worked well for me.  
LBD's video seems interesting as well.
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Boys and Girls, while doing some snooping elsewhere, I came across this post that may be usefull to anyone facing this similar conundrum,

the method seems simple,though it's obvious the chap was never a boy scout or failed his knot test.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD