Completing a project before starting another one


No matter how long it takes me to complete a project, I finish it before starting another one. Sometimes life gets in the way. Being a mom of 4, studying, and a hubby that works away from home at long stretches, makes it difficult to complete projects. So sometimes it might take me 6 months to complete one, but I stick with it. I want end results that I’m happy with and I don’t just settle on something I figure it out till I get it. I never use a pattern, blueprints and I only draw up simple plans. It took me a bit to complete this project and it’s one of my favourite to date. Going to making myself one and I don’t think I would change a thing on t.

I built this Large potting stand to sell. For outdoor use. Two of the large wheels are lockable, it’s solid cedar, cast iron hardware, except for the tap that I came up with and the locks on the doors. I decide not use a in cabinet sink because the sink takes up storage space inside the cabinet and it would need a drain. I like the idea of the bucket on top because the water can be properly recycled and it can be removed for more work surface space. I came up with this tap idea so you can have your (1) main water line coming in, (2) a tap to wash your hands (so you don’t have to hold the garden nozzle), and (3) your garden hose can stay attached all at the same time. Also hard to see in photo, I ran a groove on the work surface in the front for water to drain to the sides. The top work surface and the doors are biscuit joined, glued and clamped. The stand is 5’9" tall with wheels, with out wheels it stands 5’3". It’s 4 feet wide and 21 5/8" deep. The frame is 3″ × 1 1/2" thick. The table top is 1 1/4" thick. One light coat of clear stain is applied to surface of work space. Also shelf inside cabinet for pots, etc. Hooks on sides and pull handles on each side to pull unit around. Lots of details on this stand.


Beautiful potting stand, Excellent design and super workmanship.

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Amazing details and workmanship! Any plant would be proud to be potted on that.

More power to you Sheri for sticking with it,I always try and do the same thing finish what I started 1st .
Very cool design on your potting stand, super design and build.

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This is really beautiful. My wife would love it.

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As with everything you have crafted and shared with us, it is beautiful.


Nice work Sheri, you should be proud of that.

Will work wood for food.

Nice potting bench!

I try and just complete one project at a time but often start one project once I’m at the finishing stage for the other one. The finish I mostly use is one coat/day so if it only takes me 10min to put a coat of finish on, I’ll start another project inbetween.

Now if we were to talk about projects I intended to start but never got around to…yet… that would be a different conversation!

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Lol, that’s what I was meaning.

  • Now if we were to talk about projects I intended to start but never got around to…yet… that would be a different conversation!

Don’t get me started on that one!!

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Lol, I always finish. Yes, I might start another one while one is drying up but I always finish it. I never have a project laying around not completed. I’m like that with everything I do. Keeps your mind at

I always have glue drying on one while finish is drying on another while I’m cutting parts for another. But I do finish all of them!

Will work wood for food.

That’s the way to do it. If I left things not completed I would go

I associate with papadan’s approach …..lots of changes sometimes
when I revisit something unfinished , Nice potting bench , very
refined ! : )