I've been fixing up the home since Mom and Dad passed on. It started with painting, then trim work, then some jigs and tools, then a fireplace mantle, then a two-year project building a swing for indoors. Since being forced to retire when I could not get a job, it has become my focus. Now I'm studying books by Jim Tolpin and Chris Schwarz about hand tools and their use. (I have Grandpa's old hand planes and have been messing around with them.)

Now I want more tools.

I like mortise and tenon joints. Hand cut dovetails are cool too.

I'd like to make a roll top desk to remind me of the one we had when I was a kid and learning to type on the manual Underwood typewriter that lived on that desk.

I need to make tool cabinets and redo the kitchen cabinets. I blame Mom for all this. When I was three or four, she and I would crawl around on the kitchen floor finger-painting on large sheets of butcher paper. She was always painting and creating art work and instilling in us kids the desire to make stuff.

Did I mention I want more tools?

We woodworkers all have the same addiction! : )

Amor Vincit Omnia

PS- thanks for the kind words about “Majesty”!

Amor Vincit Omnia

I have all kinds f tools. Everything from a table saw to biscuit joiners and routers.Let me tell you.It never stops! lol There is always some gizmo out there that you need or want. I live in Canada. At Canadian tire, they had a hand grinder on sale for $20. I used my Canadian Tire money. It didn’t cost me a cent. Now, after the holidays, that same grinder is $70. It just never ends!