Woodworking: Design To Making

Woodworking: Design To Making
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Learn to design and create your own furniture designs. Apply time-proven concepts to furniture design. Learn to select the best woods for a furniture piece. Find out which machines and hand tools are best suited to creating furniture. Incorporate efficiency and repeatability to your woodworking and furniture making. Introduce precision to your woodworking. Discover the advantages and benefits of veneers.

Topics covered in 21 part (5 hr.) Woodworking: Design To Making class: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Furniture Design Pt. 1-3
  3. Selecting Wood
  4. The Workshop
  5. Machines
  6. Hand Tools
  7. Bench Accessories
  8. Jigs
  9. Templates
  10. Joinery
  11. Precision Pt. 1-4
  12. Veneering Pt. 1-2
  13. Technology (CAD)
  14. Conclusion


$15 eBook (236 pgs.) included with class

Decades of furniture making combine with furniture design in this new, refreshing take on woodworking. In addition to detailed furniture making techniques, the book delves into furniture design. Skills and processes to advance you as a woodworker and furniture maker are described. The book is also a window on the life of a furniture maker. Although the focus of the book is hand tools, use of machines in the initial phase of a furniture build is discussed. Time-saving precision hand tool procedures are featured. The book has (4) sections. Each section contains articles for a woodworker or furniture maker to embrace as they evolve. Projects include dovetails, board jack build, Moxon vise build, knife hinge install 


Additional 2.5 hr. recorded livestream session included with class.  The session presents the same topics as in the Master Class but with a different take. This reinforces the knowledge you gained in the lessons above. You will have a very good understanding of the process of designing and creating furniture. 

Norman has authored several books (New Art Press) and featured in publications.

  • Quiet Woodworking: In An Unquiet World (New Art Press)
  • Hand Tool Woodworking (New Art Press)
  • Start Woodworking (New Art Press)
  • Craftisian Interview (Norman Pirollo)
  • HackSpace Magazine – Make With Wood April 2020
  • Woodworking: From Design To Making (New Art Press)
  • Woodworking With Hand Tools 2018 (Fine Woodworking)
  • The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood (New Art Press)
  • From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey (New Art Press)
  • Start Your Own Woodworking Business (New Art Press)
  • Rooted: Contemporary Studio Furniture (Schiffer Publishing)
  • Canadian Woodworking Mag. Jan. 2015
  • Our Homes magazine Fall 2014
  • NICHE Magazine Winter 2013
  • FWW Magazine – 4 Bench Jigs for Handplanes
  • FWW Magazine – Essential Shopmade Jigs
  • Woodwork magazine (2008)
  • Wood Art Today 2 (Schiffer Books)
  • 500 Cabinets ( Lark Books)
  • Studio Furniture: Today’s Leading Woodworkers
  • Canadian Interiors Design Source Guide
  • Ottawa Life magazine (Profile, work) 2012
  • Panoram Italia magazine
  • Our Homes magazine (2011)
  • Craft Journal (2009)
  • Woodworker’s Journal (2006)
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
    Design Pt. 1
  • Lesson 3
    Design Pt. 2
  • Lesson 4
    Design Pt. 3
  • Lesson 5
    Selecting Wood
  • Lesson 6
  • Lesson 7
  • Lesson 8
    Workbench Accessories
  • Lesson 9
    Hand Tools
  • Lesson 10
  • Lesson 11
  • Lesson 12
  • Lesson 13
    Precision Pt. 1
  • Lesson 14
    Precision Pt. 2
  • Lesson 15
    Precision Pt. 3
  • Lesson 16
    Precision Pt. 4
  • Lesson 17
    Veneering Pt. 1
  • Lesson 18
    Veneering Pt. 2
  • Lesson 19
  • Lesson 20
  • Lesson 21
  • Lesson 22
    Woodworking: Design To Making (recorded livestream, 2.5 hr.)