It is an inverter type Foggy... that's why I settled for the 7000... larger inverters were just too many shekels wven if they had the Fe$tool badge on them.

Thanks for that very useful info that ignoramus me failed to convey.

Accept the point about the heater's blower, Splinter.   I actually haven't tried the heater out as I was too busy running around the house keeping warm by verbally resetting all my smart devices that all turned on with the restoration of power (bot ends)... It's just that my egg-nishna is 15KW which is just a tad more than 7, with the gas feature rated well below that (I think). 

Didn't consider the power rating of the egg' when I had it installed... with the cost or electrons nowdays (even with solar), it only gets turned on at >25°C.

I'm not that much generator savy and the hint is not as much in getting a generator, but rather what I do to check the reconnections with less hassle.  

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD