I've been banging around wood since I was a kid. Started with just scraps and any nails I could get and straighten out. I'm now a remodeling contractor with 34 years experience under my tool belt. Lately, a lot of my projects include some type of custom this or reproduction of that. Then I get to have some fun in the shop. I'm a total tool nut, so usually I can fabricate whatever the client needs. This has kept me going in these slow times, being able to do what most contractors/carpenters are unable to do.
My lovely wife puts up with my tool addiction and my two boys, 11 & 14, always echo her.."do you really need that?". (Edit: Now that the boys are getting older, and wiser, they now say "COOL...what does it do???" ).
Both my kids are always curious about things in the shop and I try to answer their questions as to peek their interest in building things. I don't really want them to follow in my footsteps, but would like them to be able to craft items as they need them if they wish. With no shop classes in schools anymore, I feel this is very important for kids to learn basic tool skills. I offer my shop to the Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts for any hands on that they would like, within safety limitations of course.

Have a great day,