Eye Strain

I've been doing a lot of detailed work lately and I can "see" that my eyes are coping with eye strain. They are tired!!

So, I googled "eye exercises for eye strain" and I found this site:


Switching from near to far focus, back and forth, is what I have found to give me the best relief and relax my eyes. .. that and taking more breaks. 

~ Debbie

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I have safety glasses with reader optics on the bottom of the lens. Best invention since the tablesaw.

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Decades back an optometrist told me to look away from my close up work and at more distant things often to avoid training your eyes.

Up to that point, I was proud of being able to do VERY fine work. After that, I realized that could cost me more of my already less than perfect distance sight.
Brian: Reader optics - WIN

Kelly: we are well until we aren’t ... prevention is definitely worth investing in. I’m glad that I did a little research today

Thanks everyone for the added info! 

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Thanks for posting.  Good info.

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I wear readers around my neck on a strap. That way they are readily available to put on for up close.  If they are not right there I would try to read without them, and it would put a strain on them,  so,  readily available works for me.

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Bentlyj ...  yup... same here!! 

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I also use the 20/20/20 exercise. Every 20 minutes stare at something 20 foot or farther for 20 seconds.  But my complaints are mostly from looking at computer screens all day.  

Oh and don't forget to blink, a lot of eye discomfort coms from dry eyes, make sure you are blinking good and hard to make sure you are getting your natural oils on your eyes. 
Good tip!


Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Is there a way to skip all the posts if you want to follow the lastest ones? I find it strenuous on the eyes to flip through pages and pages and pages of a thread that has hundreds of posts just to keep up with the current chatter. Is there a FAQ here for new members ?
Thank you for your time.
Bently, I use a strap like your talking about on my sunglasses but they just catch food droppings when not on my face. My shirt stays cleaner however! I have "anti-glare" lenses which I was told helps with eye strain when using a computer. I can't say for sure if it helps or not.
I notice eye strain at work when being picky about veneer placement. I think natural light helps.   I have t found a solution except take short brakes and do something else. 
I use an optivisor when I’m cutting marquetry. They are of limited use as a given magnification has a very narrow focal length but for fine work that is always the same distance away they are great.
…… and of course you have to go outside once in a while and admire the trees and the ocean. 

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