Just wanting to say "hi" and to introduce myself.

I am the Grandmother to 3, the mother to 2, the partner to 1, and the second me to none ;)

I live in Rural Ontario, Canada and have lived within 20 miles of here my entire life.

I love crocheting. Why? Because it seems to be the only crafty thing that I can do well. My favourite crocheting technique is Tunisian "In the Round" but, having been away from the craft for a few years, I am having to re-learn how to do it, or how I used to do it.

Favourite Creations (besides my 2 kids)
The Deathflake Afghan is my all-time favourite
with Happenstance being a close second

Aside from crocheting, I love photography, but haven't done that for a while either, and gardening, but my thumb isn't really very green. Also, although retired, I have a Young Living essential oil business, as part of my "getting back to basics" lifestyle.

Also, as part of that "back to basics", I invested in a Freezer Dryer this year and am so thrilled with how I can preserve food now - from freshly harvested, to local sales, to meal leftovers. Love it.

What I "do"? my purpose in life, I do believe, is empowerment healing. What do I mean by that? Helping people identify their passions, purpose, beliefs, and goals as well as barriers to living one's best life. How do I do it? Through what I call Essential Reflections - using essential oils to trigger memories that help clarify the above, for self-awareness and, thus, empowerment. It's pretty darned cool! 

That's me. That's who I am. That's what I do. 

Looking forward to getting to know you, 
~ Debbie

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Hi Ms. Debbie,
Thank you for everything, here and back at LJs.  I’m coming to an end and could not figure out how to delete many accounts. Can you direct mine to the link?  Thanks again!  JimArnold

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