You sure you need that tool ?


I bought this mini saw to go with my 4" square table saw . Today I had to cut short pcs of 1/4" square stock . About 1" long , did a real nice job . So yes I did need that tool .


we always need more tool.

I am trying to figure out how it works…

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Yeah, my 12" miter saw is a bit much for 1/4" stock… ;-)

Anyway, I end up using my Dozuki pull saw for the little stuff. Sometimes I’ll use my old 16" scroll saw as well. However, I do see an advantage you have with your mini-saw and that is cutting at pre-set angles repeatedly. +10


Interesting tool. I usually use a small sled with a stop on the table saw for small pieces.

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I think I got it.
That’s the drill master mini cut off saw.
I see how it works.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Yeah that’s it. Really comes in handy when cutting small pieces


Very nice and educational. Thank you.