Trash can placement


A simple but often over looked problem . You like to keep your trash can close so you can just drop whatever in it . But not too close . I had A Starrett 12 in ruler some how slide of the work bench . Fell right in the trash . So I relocated the can .Just saying


A case of trying to be over organized. I use a small pail for trash, have to empty it more often but, a great deal less to go thru if something falls into it. Just saying.


I fully agree it is a problem but having the can too close to my bench has caused me to loose some small tools and other stuff so now it is about eight feet away and another can at another location .
No problem throwing scraps in the can and a little walk to place the bigger stuff in the can is good for the body to stay loose .
Keep it clean and avoid tripping .


I use a big plastic clear bin, and i keep it away, i usually stack my scraps, then when i have a little pile i will walk it over. If im feeling luck i go for the 3 pointer!