Longing for the country.Show us you beautiful country scenery


I moved from a beautiful place in the country 16 years ago from a remodeled 100 year old farm house on 13 acres I had to sell for economic reasons .I moved to a small town in a 750sq ft house on a small lot supposedly temporarily back then and have been here every since.

I’ve been hunting and longing for the country life ever since, but my budget is very tight to buy acreage that’s available in Oregon and Washington state. if you know of property for sale or even have some PM me I would even consider exchanging my contracting business,existing home and yes even my shop complete with equipment for acreage with a home.

I know I should not be whining about the country when I have so very much to be grateful for when many others wished they had just one small portion of the good I have in my life.I just can’t help this obsession about moving back to the country.

Even if you don’t know about anything for sale please post some photos of your beautiful property or any country scenery . Therapy for my twisted mind LOL

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One frosty morning in Wales. Shot from my carport.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Wonderfull photos Alec,a very beautiful place

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Some of those old beech and oak are 1.5m in DIAMETER. Massive, old trees. The fir and larch remind me of home but sadly all the larch died of viral infection and have been culled.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Beautiful, love to be there right now.


Last summer I sailed Friendship up to Desolation Sound on the BC coast.

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Wow wow wow those are amazing shots Paul, a gorgeous place,wish I was there .
Thanks for the great photos.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Here’s the view from my parents’ deck overlooking the farm and Keuka Lake beyond. It’s pretty awesome in the summer and can’t get much more country than this.

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Great shot Brian,beautiful view.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

In your photo, it appears you might be looking at the west side of the hills, Jim. Always loved the North Bend, but it’s gotten so huge, since the days you had to drive through town to get to Eastern Washington.
Haven’t been to Carnation and areas across from Winthrop since pappy left Twisp (State Highway foreman for the Northcross), but I imagine it’s still got some nice dirt.

Currently, I’m in Desert Aire, which is about twenty miles further down the Columbia. It’s desert maximus. Interestingly, I was working my way back to the Northwet when I met my wife and saw her garage (1,800 sq ft) and told her I’d marry her for it. She agreed and here I am, not far from where I was born (Ephrata, Wash.).

In the end, the contrast between the pictures I posted and the ones you posted give an inkling of the changing scenery and environment in Washington. Maybe someone will kick in with a photo of their cabin in the rain forest, or the sands of the ocean, or. . . .