Tour of jack's shop/man cave/hideout/doghouse


OK, I hope when you read the title you will do so with low expectations of what is to follow. Anything appearing to be strange, chalk it up to a rookie finding his way. The shop is 34 by 54.
Work bench with a mixture of some quality and lesser grade tools.
Couple of things I’m working on, a chess board for a friend and a music stand for a lady who plays cello.

Sliding compound miter saw, air compressor and a tv which is either on the western channel or the golf channel at all times.

A Shopcraft drill press which was given to me by an old gentleman who was breaking up his shop and going to a nursing home,. Also grinder and a scroll saw which was useless with my skill until I discovered spiral blades.
Lugana 14/10 bandsaw, along with dust collector. I built a small room for sanding, sawing and planing, and run the hose through the wall to the machines, which are all on wheels.
Inside of sanding room, with exhaust fan, collector hooked to machines and a homemade furnace blower air cleaner sitting at the door, no dust escapes the room.
Drafting desk and chair I built.
Hand tools and another work bench.

Lumber supply consists of cherry, oak, mahogany, popular, maple, cedar, Brazilian mahogany and some I have no idea what they are. I’m building another rack and hope to get it off the floor soon. Hope you don’t find this too long and too boring.


Well Jack I thought you said it was a doghouse. I didn’t see the refrigerator, microwave, and Tv anywhere lmao. Your shop is amazing. I love the size and someday I to will get that size so I can fill it with a few tools that I keep running into that man I wish I had like a horizontal belt sander a bigger lathe with a duplicator and a shaper or I would love to actually make a tri router stand so I could set up my raised panel door cutters and never have to change router bits till its time to resharpen the bits. I really couldn’t see it messy. I think its very clean. yes you do have a great quantity of wood and thats awesome. I can hold that much but hey the lumber mill is only 10 minutes from home. Thanks for sharing it was a pleasure to see yours.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

You got a big shop Jack.

You certainly have a lot of tools and lumber

I can’t think of anything missing.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Nice shop. It’s huge and well equipped and well stocked too. I couldn’t imagine having that much space. It’s almost as big as my whole house! LOL

Losing fingers since 1969

Thank you guys for the kind words. Means a lot coming you. I am lucky enough to be married to a lady who is enthusiastic and supportive of my hobbies. This coming June will be 50 years.


Nice shop Jack! I really like the wood piles.
Very clean, nice space!


Thank you Steve, can’t wait to get the wood racked.



It surely is nice to get to tour your shop. And I love the variety of lumber!


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sure looks like you have every thing you need . Nice shop


Thank you L/W and Bruce, I have a master plan in my mind to get organized, someday.