Articles in "Furniture & Cabinetmaking" magazine

I normally don't post my articles here on Craftisian, but this is my favorite one so far on how I make Marquetry. The publisher for this magazine is from the United Kingdom by the Guild of Master CraftsmanIf publications.  

They have some really good woodworkers from around the world, in this issue they have the Wood Whisperer, Doc Wright, and some woodworkers that do some incredible wood bending in there furniture. 


Dennis Zongker

That is a well deserved recognition Dennis!
Great recognition of your work, well deserved.

OK, I've done some research and I found 8 issues of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine with articles you've written. Appears your talent is well know and appreciated, thanks for sharing here.
Thanks for sharing, Dennis.

Main Street to the Mountains

Thanks for posting this, I was unaware of this magazine.

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Thank you, Steve, Eric, Tinman, & Oldtool thank you sir! It's a fun magazine for woodworkers, and it helps me with my writing skills. I still can't spell worth a darn. lol

Dennis Zongker

Well deserved recognition 

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Another compliment for you Dennis. Nice to see.

Very cool, one more article to collect now!! Congratulations on the achievement and no doubt more people will give a hand at marquetry because of it!